About Us


Our Experience in construction is as diverse and innovative as our teams.

A team of experienced professionals from various backgrounds ranging from Construction, Architecture, Business Administration and Engineering combined our talents and experience to expand to becoming what is now one of Florida's most dynamic and unique construction companies in the south.

Unlike many companies who only work large projects, small projects, schools, hospitals or whatever the target area may be, we decided to be as diverse as our teams so that we may continue to grow and understand the full concept of construction on many different levels which is allowing our company to obtain a wealth of knowledge in the many different areas of construction and on many different levels.

We have a team that specializes in home renovations, additions, historical preservations and new residential construction, as well as a team which specializes in schools and hospitals and a very dynamic team which specializes in churches and spiritual edifices and more.

Our Certifications consist of:

  • 8(a) Certified
  • 8(e) Certified
  • 8(m) Certified
  • Department of Defense, HUD, JaxPort
  • ORCA
  • SDBE, MBE, and State of Florida, DCSB
  • CCR Registrant & Certified
  • FEMA Certified
  • Homeland Security Certified
  • Disney World Certified
  • State of Florida Certified